From the Yang-side to the Yin-side.

My Functional Hatha & Vinyasa (yang-style) classes are inspired by the connectivity to your breath, how the poses feel in your body and how movement can become a form of meditation.

You can expect theme-based classes (so you can bring the yoga off the mat) with a mix of energetic and slower sequences where I will encourage you to become more self-aware and challenge yourself as to get a better sense of what your body and mind needs. There is no perfect alignment but the sole focus is on the purpose of the poses.

All classes are suitable for complete beginners and more experienced practitioners. There are no levels here. My aim is to keep it real with a sense of humour and to show you that you are much stronger (and I don’t mean just physical) and capable than you think you are. Yoga is for everyone and I am here to show you how true that is.

You can become 'YINIFIED' too.

In my Yin classes, I will hold space for you so that you can witness “what is” and really get the time to feel into your body. Yin yoga has many benefits but introspection is for me the most important one.

We talk a lot about what and how the practice feels but we never talk about what it looks like! By considering every body’s uniqueness you can expect to feel more empowered irrespective of your anatomical differences or abilities. We are all beautifully unique and the Yin practice is full of aha moments!

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