About You

Ultimately it is all about you, the student! My aim is to hold space for you in an environment where you can connect to your body and mind. By feeling into your senses you can learn tools to slow down, stress less and become more resilient. You may even sleep better, particularly after an evening of Yin!

I have a functional approach to teaching which means that it doesn’t matter what any pose looks like, but rather what it feels like in your body and what areas we are targeting. My focus is for you to get to know your own body and what works for you. Together we will adapt the practice to make it your own. Despite what you may see on social media these days, yoga is for everyone!

If you want to bring more mindfulness into your life and feel empowered, stronger, more self-aware, less stressed with increased energy and a higher tolerance for life in general, then contact me as I would love to hear your story. Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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