Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I found my way to Ireland in my very late teens. I am now settled in Meath with my two children, partner in life and a slightly erratic but very adorable dog.

I am a Yin- and Hatha/Tantra and Vinyasa (flow) yoga teacher with a functional approach to yoga. Functional being the way I teach and practise. My training is primarily rooted in the Tantric school of yoga with a big focus on functional (alignment) to make this practice truly inclusive and to support longevity and sustainability in your body. My teaching is solely focused on the uniqueness of your body and my aim is for my students to really get in tune with their own body and mind. Less doing, more feeling.

On the mat I hope we together can find balance and clarity, become more self-aware and resilient, in order to thrive and feel more empowered and free, in all your aspects of life.

It was during my first teacher training that I stepped my foot into my first yin class. It was here that I realised that Yin was the missing piece from my yoga practice and from my otherwise quite hectic life. I was Yinified. I have continued my studies with some amazing teachers who influence me greatly and inspires me to become a better teacher, a more inquisitive student but also a better human being. You can read more about my credentials here.

With over 15 years of a continuous yoga practice I finally know what works for me and my body on a physical level but the most profound aspects of yoga is not the asana (the poses). Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons and often it starts with the physical side of it. And nothing wrong with that, however, my intention is to provide a space where you can use the physical practice as a gateway inwards as this is where you start to unravel the other dimensions of the body, the energetic, the mental and the emotional.

When we learn to become physically and mentally strong on the mat, we can bring that strength to our daily life. When we learn to find stillness, to observe our thoughts and emotions, it is the same.  We are all our own best teachers in yoga and in life, and my aim is to show you how you can be too.

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